I Like Clouds

I keep running out of things to photograph, but yet I try to photograph something every day.  Often times my pictures never make it to this blog.  When I go for a walk I try to take a camera, even if only my pocket Panasonic LF1, but I often don’t get anything worth showing.  That was the case a while back; therefore, I photographed some clouds later in the day.  On many days my pictures of the sky are all I have to photograph, and some days when it is a flat even gray overcast day, even they are not worth taking.  For me, looking at clouds is a lot like sitting in front of a fire and watching the logs burn.  It is hard to get tired of either.  The only difference is that I am likely to fall asleep watching a fire.  I haven’t done that yet looking at clouds.  The only problem I have with looking at clouds is that I tend to lose my balance when I turn my head and look up, so I have to be careful.

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