I Saw the Light


While half-awake I saw the light and the solution to all of our problems came to me.   We need to change our policy.  Whenever, wherever there is a conflict anywhere on earth we need to arm both sides with the most powerful offensive weapons possible so that we can be assured that they will eliminate each other … wipe both sides off the face of the earth.

Just consider the advantages for the rest of us.  It would ultimately create a world with less violence.  There would be less competition for our declining natural resources.  There would be less consumption due to a smaller population, less green-house gases, and thus less global climate change.  We would even have an immediate increase in employment as we produce replacement weapons for the next set of combatants.

Obviously I am not serious … but you have to admit it has merit.  The House might even be able to pass such a bill.  🙂