Different Sunset

I am always intrigued how a camera records an image that is different from what I thought I would get when I took the picture.  The images are often remarkably different.  The above are examples.  We bought a new car in a color called sunset.  I went out into the garage in the morning to get something and I noticed the way the sun was shining through the window onto the car so I went back and got my camera and took the above images.  They look different from what I thought they would.  The color is correct, but I didn’t notice the extent of the reflections and highlights when I was taking the pictures.  And I certainly didn’t see my distorted reflection when I took the picture.  I thought that I was just capturing the color.

The lesson to be learned … take lots of pictures.  You might be surprised by what you see in the image.  I often find birds, etc. that I didn’t know I photographed and often find that the reflections, tones, etc. surprise me.

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