Sadie and Mose Go To The City

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Pennsylvania German Fellowship, Homewood at Plum Creek residents, presented an Amish play “Sadie and Mose Go to The City.”  The play was written by Arlene Marks, a resident here.  They presented the play in the Chapel primarily for our less mobile residents.  The “Joyful Singers” also serenaded the audience with German and English songs sung in German.  The room was packed and I took most of these pictures from outside in the hall looking through the open door holding the camera above my head.  There were also refreshments for the residents at the end prepared by our excellent staff.

For you photographic enthusiasts, the distance, lighting, etc. necessitated that I use my 40 – 150 mm lens wide open on my Olympus E-PL5 at ISO 3200 and at too slow a shutter speed for most of the pictures.  In my opinion, I was working at the limits of the camera and lens, and that is why the images aren’t as sharp or noise-free as I prefer.  I’ll discuss my photography situation more in my next posting.

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