Back to Basics … with a Twist and a Pentax K-3

I tried to change my style of photography and switch to smaller micro 4/3 cameras to circumvent problems I was having with carrying and holding heavy camera-lens combinations.  But that only partially worked.  There were two problems with my small camera approach.  One, the low-light image quality with the smaller sensors was forcing me to consider giving up some of my photography, and second, most of the subjects of interest outdoors required long lenses and use in bad weather; so, I decided to try to go back to what worked well for me in the past with a Pentax K-3 DSLR and longer zoom lenses.

I am also really a one-camera person.  I don’t like switching back and forth since I often have to stop and think about, or look at, the controls to make a change and then often miss the shot.  I found that it is limiting to only use a small camera and I keep going back to multiple cameras.  Maybe with the K-3 and multiple lenses I can cover more types of photography and learn to make control changes by feel without stopping to look.  Of course that means that I have to use one camera long enough to learn … which hasn’t been the case with my continual trying of cameras.   This is really a bogus idea since I will still occasionally use my E-PL5 with prime lenses when I need something smaller in sufficient light.

The “twist” part refers to me learning to use the heavy K-3 differently than I used the K-5 in the past.  What I am thinking about is using the car to go places and then only carrying the camera a short distance.  I am also thinking about using a monopod or tripod and taking my walk-stool and sitting in one place for a period of time.  If I choose to walk further with the K-3, I will do it with a lighter-weight prime lens.

In the past I used a K-5 with heavier zoom lenses to take pictures of the horizon and clouds just by stepping outside and only walking a few feet.  In those cases it wouldn’t be difficult to grab and use a heavier camera like the K-3 with either the 18 – 135 mm or the 55 – 300 mm lenses, especially in bad weather for short periods of time.

I am now waiting for the K-3 and three lenses to be delivered so that I can try again.  I may be grasping the last straw but I am going to try.