Large Files, Small Computer

Guess which one is bigger.  Is it the cat or the Katydid in the above pictures?   The cat, house, rose, and Katydid were in Marcia’s garden out front.  The cat is smaller than the Katydid.  Since we have a small garden she needs to think small.

But, I forgot to think small when I got the K-3.  I have been learning the pros and cons of my Pentax K-3 and, in the above case, the Pentax 50 mm f/1.8 lens.  One aspect of the camera which I had momentarily forgotten when I ordered it (a senior moment?) is that it was going to stress my computer memory.  Not only are the camera and zoom lenses big and heavy, the 24 MP files are also large and could fill my computer up real quick.  I mentioned quite a few posts back that I was approaching the point of filling up my laptop’s memory.  At that time I went through a clean-up of my files and recovered some available memory space; but, I now need to face the issue of moving some of my pictures, etc. off of my computer onto an external drive.  Hopefully it won’t be too big a job, but it has to be done carefully and correctly or my picture software, Adobe LightRoom, will lose their location from the catalog.

With the solar flares due to hit soon, I think I will hold off on moving my files until after the flare has gone by this weekend just in case we have power or other electronic glitches.  I also plan to install a faster modem and router.  Hopefully when I am done my system will still be working and faster.