Another Reason for having a Pentax K-3


Another primary reason that I want to have the Pentax K-3 is to be able to get quick pictures of the unexpected flights of birds and ducks.  I took the above picture while walking for the first time with the K-3 and the 55 – 300 mm lens hanging from a sling strap.  It is heavier than I like, but I will just walk shorter distances and less often with it.  A few of our neighbors will be glad to see me walking with my camera again since they like to see my images of wildlife, etc.

I am still in the trial stage with the K-3, but I think I will keep it just to get a few shots like the above and for inclement weather photography this winter.  I can also use it for some of my photography for Homewood publications.  I would really need to get some wider, faster lenses for greater use indoors; but in the interim, I can use my Olympus E-PL5 with fast prime lenses for my indoor projects.