Morning Contemplation Time


I took this picture yesterday morning as I was sitting in my computer chair and thinking about the tasks I have ahead of me.  I have volunteered to do some work for the Association here at Plum Creek and it will be taking a little bit more of my time.

In addition, I have been looking at the new cameras that were announced in Photokina 2014 … well I am allowed to dream occasionally.

And I still haven’t made the changes to my computer system such as moving files to an external drive, installing a new modem and new router, etc.  Some might say that I have been procrastinating, but I’m not sure that is the reason.  Sometimes as we get older we just don’t feel like everything has to be done “right now.”   Is that procrastination or is it wisdom that comes with old age?

I have also been having more trouble with my knees so I have been walking shorter distances and less often.  I have an appointment with the doctor to get an assessment of them.

In addition, thinking about my constant concern of what to do with my photography and blog has taken a lot of time.  Since some of my projects and photography for groups here have also been taking more of my time, the accumulated issues mentioned above might mean fewer pictures and fewer postings.