Noticing the Resolution

140918-110904_Plum Creek-Edit

I didn’t plan to put this picture on my blog since I was just playing around with some pictures when I noticed the resolution.  I used the 50 mm lens on the Pentax K-3 to take a picture and then cropped a small section out of it and re-sized it back up to get the close-up of a young woman.  The picture was taken wide open at f/1.8.  I think the focus point was right above her eye on her forehead but I took the picture so fast I can’t be sure.  I still haven’t tested or corrected that lens for either front or back focusing, but I will later.

My second interest was in seeing how the image held up to re-sizing.  As I said in the beginning, I didn’t plan to show these pictures but I wanted to see how they would work on my blog, and the best way to determine that was to try it and publish them and let you decide.  Note the fine resolution of her hair.  The following is another example taken with the 50 mm lens.

The first image immediately above is as taken … uncropped.  The second image is a crop of a section of it and then re-sized up to get the version you see if you look at the full size.  All of these pictures were taken handheld rather quickly without any intention of using them in this manner; but I am encouraged to use this lens a lot more and to test it further on a more suitable test scene.

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