Hands at Work


I haven’t been taking many pictures for my blog since I haven’t seen anything different; but I have taken more pictures of people doing crafts, events, etc. here within Homewood.  The above was taken indoors when I was getting more pictures for my railroader’s project.  They are still building a new portable display which should be completed before the end of the year … including a slide show I hope to make.

Lately I have run out of new ideas for photographing here close to home.  One idea I will hopefully get around to is a project “hands at work” since I can use them in my blog and hands have always been an interest of mine.  I have no shortage of events and activities to photograph here but I am limited in what I can use in my blog due to privacy concerns.

I am also trying to broaden my reading to trigger ideas for future writing and photography.  That is a tough one to pursue since there is often a long lead time between when I start reading different books and then have them result in new ideas for images.  In the meanwhile, I’ll just try to keep my eyes open.