Morning Thoughts


It is raining this morning, but it is much-needed and appreciated by the plants.  At the moment I’m not doing much except thinking about what, and how, things have changed.

I started my photography to record my memories of travels to other countries.  I then got interested in travel photography and wrote about my views relative to techniques, cameras, and lenses.  But, I haven’t traveled outside the U.S. in the last three years.

I then got interested in the concept of finding what I could photograph close to home, really close by just walking about with various cameras and lenses.  But, I have now done so much of that that it has become repetitive and I have lost interest.

I tried heading out with specific photographic interests in mind as I looked for specific types of shots.  Mostly those efforts were related to trying out different cameras and lenses under different circumstances or trying different styles of processing the images.  Since I haven’t been acquiring new cameras lately, that kind of photography has mostly stopped.

In search of additional things, and ways to photograph, I have photographed more events and happenings here within Homewood; but that hasn’t been too productive since I can’t use the majority of those images in my blog due to privacy concerns.

My main concern now is what’s next.  I have gotten busier with volunteer efforts here within Homewood and with doctor visits, general chores around the house, etc. so one option is to just let my photography taper off.  Since I don’t find this option appealing, I will still look for other ideas.  I am hoping to concentrate on finding just a few photographic styles even if it means publishing fewer images and blog articles.  My problem now is to determine what, where, and when to photograph.  It might turn out to be odd things, times, and places.  Or it might be a return to details of everyday scenes.  Or it might continue to be a hodgepodge of images.  But, too many might’s often lead to nothing.