Beautiful Art Subjects


It seems that there are always articles on the web that discuss some aspect of beauty, composition, subject matter, art, etc. relative to photography.  One of the more recent ones was:  Love, Beauty, and other Unfortunate Clichés by Guy Tal.

I like these types of articles.  I like beautiful art as much as the average photographer, but I have often stated that I don’t make pictures of beautiful things due to a scarcity of them.  I would love to go and see beautiful places so that I could make the kind of art Guy makes, but I have to look for other things and try to make beautiful pictures of the common, not so beautiful objects.  Is the above a scene of beauty?  I don’t think many would think so, but I still like keeping my eyes open for scenes that interest me.  The above is one I made while I was taking pictures for my model railroader’s project.  My challenge is to find beauty and interest among the common things in life, day by day.