Just for Fun … No Tripod


This morning the moon was eclipsed by the earth’s shadow which created a “blood moon.”  Just for fun I attempted to get a picture of it while hand-holding my camera.  I cheated a little by leaning against the porch post which wasn’t a steady enough situation since I was shooting at ISO 6400 with a shutter speed of 0.8 sec. at a 300 mm focal length for this image.  This is one of the better images, but all suffered from camera motion.  My later images as it reached totality were taken with a 1 sec. shutter speed.  None of them were any good due to my inability to hold the camera steady enough.

Some of you are wondering … why didn’t I use a tripod?  I have one, but previous attempts at using it didn’t work much better since it isn’t sturdy enough for this camera and heavy, long lens.  Since I have little use for a tripod and don’t desire to spend the money for a heavier one, I haven’t gotten a better one; but I might since I really need it for these types of images.