Early in Downtown Hanover on a Rainy Saturday

I have been working on extending my photography.  Ideally I would like to extend it towards new subjects, but short of that I have been working on extending the times I photograph.  That is why you have been seeing a few more pictures taken before the sun rises.  I took the above pictures in downtown Hanover, PA in the rain and in the early morning darkness.

I have gotten to the point where I am comfortable with my camera settings and the image quality for this type of light; but I still need to work on finding suitable compositions.  I also would like to “get closer” and create some more expressionistic or abstract images in this type of light.  This will require occasionally getting out of the car and walking about in the dark and wet and cold in the off hours.  So far, while working on camera settings, etc. I have mostly taken the pictures from inside the car.

I liked the images of the people going through the market door; therefore, I am thinking of getting more similar pictures and creating a series of them.