Thoughts about Publishing Frequency


On some days I just take pictures because I like the colors and then put them away for possible future publishing.  I try to have a few of these waiting on my hard drive so that I can continue posting almost daily, even when I haven’t made any new pictures recently.

I am conflicted about publishing as soon as I get a picture or about spreading them out to fill the no picture days.  One of the reasons I’m conflicted is that my pictures and articles sometimes get out of sequence; i.e., I may take the picture and say something about it and then store it for future use but find that in the interim I have posted other things that moved beyond the stored article.  One solution has been to produce time-less articles and pictures, but I don’t always like to do that.

Another conflict I have is that some days I am on a roll and am more creative than on other days.  Sometimes I am anxious to publish pictures even though it means multiple posts on some days; but I rarely do that because I am afraid that I will need it another day.

In addition there is the opposite concern.  I feel I often publish a poor picture or write some dribble just because I don’t want too many days to go by without publishing.

I haven’t decided yet, but I am now changing towards publishing as often, or not, as I have a picture of interest or something to share.  If this means multiple posts on some days and gaps of many days with nothing, so be it.  I don’t know, but I might also slow down and go for better quality or interest.  Since most of my viewers now subscribe and get an e-mail when I publish, this shouldn’t affect them too much.  I am afraid that it might affect me more in that I will slow down and see and find fewer pictures without the pressure.  But maybe not.  Not having any pictures or articles “in-the-bank” might drive me to taking a camera out more frequently.  In either case, it will be the real me and will still result in my hodgepodge of subjects around my diverse interests, activities, and viewers.

PS … I had this article stored and waiting for when I had a gap.  Yesterday I did take a lot of pictures but they were of an event here at Homewood.  I have turned them over to the staff to use as they wish in internal documents.