Small Camera … Rich Results

I am coming to the conclusion that some smaller sensor cameras are being over-looked and under-used.  I have been on the look-out for another small pocket camera rather than using and working with my small Panasonic LF1.  It is one of those small cameras that were jointly designed and developed by Panasonic and Leica.

I am finding that for most situations that as long as I capture the images in raw format that I can get very usable pictures from it, and it is so small that it fits in my shirt pocket.  Don’t be surprised if you start seeing more pictures from this camera on my blog.

I took the above images in my dark garage.  It was raining outside and not much light was coming through the garage door windows, but I noticed that what light there was created some interesting patterns and colors and I wanted to see how well the LF1 captured them.  I am not saying that my other cameras couldn’t do better but I am saying that they don’t fit in a shirt pocket and that you probably wouldn’t notice the image differences as shown in this format.