End of October



It is the end of October.  Some trees still have leaves and with windy days many leaves are still coming down; but, many trees like the ones shown here have already lost all of their leaves.  I haven’t taken many pictures of colorful trees this year.  It is because I have only been taking pictures close to home and during that one walk in Codorus Park; and I didn’t go to West Virginia where I have photographed the fall leaves in the past.

I am also tired of photographing the same old scenes around me, so I might take a holiday from what I have done recently.  I am looking for something different to photograph but have no idea what it might be.  I do have another camera coming to try.  It is a Ricoh GR pocket camera with a fixed 28 mm equivalent focal length lens and an APS-C size sensor.  Maybe it will help energize me to come up with something different.  What I do know is that it is only 20% of the weight and size of the Pentax K-3 with the 18 – 135 mm lens that I carried on my walk in Codorus Park.

I have had more problems with my back and I’m learning that I shouldn’t do some of the things I have done, even though I can.  While I can lift some things and bend some, it isn’t smart for me to do it since it is contributing to further degradation of my back and causing me pain.  I plan to put the Pentax K-3 away while I learn to use the Ricoh GR and see what I can do with it.  My walk in the woods with the K-3 (see last post) might be my last such walk with it … at least until I get through some physical therapy and an assessment from the doctor about my long-term prognosis.