Walking Outdoors with a Ricoh GR

I bought a Ricoh GR camera.  It has a fixed 18.3 mm (effective 28 mm) F2.8 lens.  So far I like the camera.  It fits in my pockets and is easy to use, but it will take a while to set it up for different uses.  My only real concerns are what to photograph with it and when and where to use it; i.e., how to get the most out of it.

I took it with me on a morning walk and took the above pictures.  I was really just trying different settings, etc.  For example, in the second picture I used the macro focus and focused on the grass seed head.  I used an aperture of 5.6 and you can see that it did a nice job of presenting the background unfocused since I was focusing on the grass which was very close.  In the first picture I focused on the near tree leaves but they were further away and I had greater depth of field.

I am anxious to try some other types of shots with it, but as you might guess from the sky in the above pictures it soon started raining.  My initial thoughts are that the GR is a “personal camera.”  By that I mean that it is easy to keep in a pocket … even a shirt pocket, and that it is a good camera to record images of what is going on up close around me.  It seems to be a camera that wants to immerse the photographer into the image; i.e. draw you up close and personal.  I will be exploring this aspect in the coming months.

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