Getting Closer with the GR



I took my new Ricoh GR with me to dinner last night.  It fits in a sport coat or front jeans pocket with hardly any bulge.  I like the fact that it is light-weight and small and inconspicuous and quiet.  Those features along with the quality of the images should open up some new opportunities for me to take pictures.

So far I have it set for auto ISO from 100 to 6400 with a minimum shutter speed of 1/60 sec. and have shot in program mode … with most of my images at an aperture of 2.8.  I have also been mostly letting it focus since it isn’t too slow.  It is not as fast as my other cameras but it hasn’t been a problem so far.  I have also been setting the snap focus to different distances just in case the focus is too slow.  With snap focus I can push the shutter button down real fast and the focus will jump to the preset distance without waiting to attempt to focus.  It is also easy to change the snap-focus distance by pushing the macro button and using the top wheel to change the setting.  This is definitely a shooter’s camera since it is easy and fast to change any of the settings with just the right hand.

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