Bleak Prospects for Democracy

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In a few days the U.S. has mid-term elections.  The prospects are rather disappointing.  It seems to me that we could save on the order of $4 billion if the corporations just picked who they want to represent them rather than going through the shams of elections by the people.

Very few of the population will actually vote and those that do will vote based on the propaganda they received that was funded by the corporations who support who they think will support their interests rather than the interests of the country.  In effect, the corporations buy the votes of the Congress.   Corporations are only interested in their financial bottom-line in the coming few years.  They have little to no interest in the long-term sustainable future of the U.S.  Their only concern for the people is that they buy their products.

The side effect of corporations buying the votes of Congressmen is that most of the good, knowledgeable citizens do not want to run for office so we get the less knowledgeable and greediest to run.  This creates a downward spiral in the ability of Congress to conduct the necessary business for the long-term success of the country as more and more of these types of individuals are elected.  In effect we have built a house of cards which will someday collapse.

There is another more subtle way that they control the results of the elections.   While the parties send propaganda to the people in their party, nothing is sent to the independents.   I think we have an election on 4 Nov. but few around where I live could prove it.  No information reminding people of this fact has been sent out so far (2 Nov.).  No information informing the people of the election sites or hours has been sent out.  No information of what/who is on the ballot has been sent out.  I was hoping that the local Sunday paper would have this information, but it has nothing.   This is all probably part of the strategy to keep the independents from voting.