Hanover Streets at Night

These are a few more pictures that I took on the streets of Hanover, PA on the night of the ghostly history walk.  I have no problems with the quality of these pictures for use in my blog.  Even the WB was good; but I did tweak some of them for WB to standardize the look.  As we walked around, the temperature color of some of the lights changed and some of the images had a more yellowish look than others.  I thought that the pictures looked like I remembered them, but I decided to take out some of the yellowish cast in a few just to get a more pleasing uniform look to the set.

Hopefully I will make it back outside in the dark and get some more images like these.  I have no plans for any photo walks or drives at this moment so don’t be surprised to see some wide gaps in my posts.  I am pretty much through with experimenting with my cameras so I might be taking less pictures this winter.

PS … did you notice the WV sticker on the back of the white pickup?  It reminds me that I need to get a WV sticker for our Ford Escape.