Hanging On

141103-142451_Plum Creek

A few flowers are hanging on.  We haven’t had a hard freeze yet.  Like the flowers, I have been hanging on and seeing a physical therapist and trying to build a plan for exercising more this coming winter.  I need to establish a better routine and get into a habit of doing certain exercises to help me keep functioning with my deteriorating back.

An equal concern of mine is finding a new routine for continuing my photography.  I need to find some new things to photograph as well as some processing styles that are different and interesting.  In the interim I have been photographing whatever I see as I go through the day.  Since this isn’t very interesting I will keep trying to come up with other things.

It has been tough for me to accept that I can’t find something every day and that I probably won’t be able to publish something every day; but I will try to do something as often as I can.  One of the things I need to figure out is the appropriate break point between photographing anything on a daily basis vs. finding more meaningful things less often.