Rainy Morning

141106-082740_Plum Creek

I took this through my window yesterday morning.  I don’t like cold, wet, windy, rainy days, but I do like pictures like this.  I realize that I am probably in the minority but I am attracted to images like this for some unknown reason.  Maybe the reason is that pictures like this don’t drag my thoughts in a particular direction.  It encourages me to daydream about whatever.  It also has the requisite black and subtle colors that I like.

Another thing that the picture did was to remind me that it is time to get the Pentax K-3 and WR lenses back out.  I used it for this picture.  I have mostly left the K-3 in the drawer while I learned how to best use the Ricoh GR.  No single camera will do everything so it is nice to have multiple cameras.  The K-3 and my lenses, in addition to being weather resistant, have that Pentax fine-focus capability that enables me to hand focus the image if I don’t like the way the camera focused.  I used that function on this picture to pull the focus back away from the distant scene moving it closer to a focus on the rain drops on the window.  I like to use that function sometimes to pull everything slightly out of focus to create a dreamy image.