Winter Approaches

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I took this picture of yesterday morning’s frost.  Winter will soon be here.  We are about to experience the effects of our first polar vortex this season.  We expect our temperatures to be dropping at least 20 degrees for the next 5 – 7 days.  It is much earlier this year, but hopefully it won’t last as long, or be as cold as the one last winter.  The unsettling thing about this one is not the early timing.  It is the cause of it.  This one is the result of the Pacific cyclone Nuri that slammed into the jet stream above Alaska’s Aleutian Islands.  That action caused a large ripple in the jet stream that pulled the cold arctic air down south.

Nuri is now the strongest known Northern Pacific cyclone on record, according to the National Weather Service Ocean Prediction Center.  Scientists have warned us to expect stronger typhoons in the Pacific and stronger hurricanes in the Atlantic as the result of global climate changes.  I must say that I am not looking forward to the coming adverse effects of our burning so much carbon fuel.