Just How Good is the Ricoh GR Resolution?

I was walking one day with the Ricoh GR in my pocket when I first heard, and then saw, an airplane flying high in the sky.  It was a ridiculous shot with an effective 28 mm lens.  I couldn’t even see the plane in my LCD but I took a shot in the general direction anyway.  The following is the picture I got.

141130-152101_Plum Creek

You probably didn’t see the airplane so I cropped the above picture to make it a little easier.  The airplane is in the center of the cropped section below the squirrel nest behind some branches.

141130-152101_Plum Creek-Edit

I took the picture handheld at f/5.6, ISO 100, and 1/800 sec. shutter speed using the program mode.  I shot the image raw and then used LR 5.7 to process it with the standard Adobe settings.  I did not alter the image other than to crop and resize the last version.

For those of you who are wondering why this gets me excited, it is because of what I can do with the images.  The very good resolution enables me to carry the GR in my pocket and if I see something in the distance, I can crop my pictures significantly and still have pictures for my blog.  They just won’t print very large.