Bah Humbug … I Hit the Wall


I have run out of ideas for what to photograph and I am tired of only showing you my test results.  In addition, I consider the month of December to be the worse month of the year and I really hate all the consumerism, decorating, music, etc. associated with the holidays; therefore, I think I will try to hide under the covers.

Hopefully my blogging and pictures will continue to show my story … what I see or saw, boring as it might be; but, maybe not.  I keep entertaining the thought of only publishing pictures when I see something new or different, but the problem is I rarely see new things.  I need to either find new things to photograph or find new ways of seeing the common everyday things.

PS … the picture was taken in Tunisia in 2010 with an Olympus E-P1 and the kit zoom lens.  The original picture was taken as a jpeg image and slightly altered with LR5.7.