What I Want


What I want worse than another camera or lens is to get out and make pictures.  At the moment I am hoping for two things:  first some warmer weather and a camera that I like to use that I can carry for a while.  My objective is to find a camera that enables me to go out more for longer times and greater distances and take more pictures.  That means it has to be light-weight and easy to hold.

I actually might not need another camera.  My Ricoh GR, which I used to take the above picture, might be all I need, but it would be nice to have something else with a longer focal length at times.  I would like an option for when I need a longer focal length, but it also needs to be non-intrusive.  It needs to be a camera that doesn’t get in the way so that I can concentrate on the composition and not the camera controls, weight, etc.