Trying the Canon EOS REBEL SL1

I decided to try being a bottom feeder.  I had looked at, and longed for, a Fujifilm X100T but was leery of the cost and single focal length; so I decided to try the Canon SL1 with the 24 mm lens (I have a 40 mm lens coming).  This is a package with about the same focal length and weight at half the cost.  In future posts I’m sure that I will be telling you more about the Canon SL1, but for now I’ll just show you a few test images.

They were chosen for their range of conditions, ease to take quickly, and similar to what I shoot so I could start evaluating how well it does in low light, in focusing on soft clouds, in capturing details, in handling contrast with snow, in facing towards a bright sky, and in an early morning street scene.  So far I am pretty pleased with the image quality.  It handles white balance and exposures and red colors better than my Pentax K-3, and need I say; it is a lot lighter and easier to carry and hold.  Other than for a little adjusting of the shadow brightness in the cemetery picture, nothing was done with the others other than cropping in some cases.  These are not the best pictures since I just wanted some quick images under different conditions so that I could see how the camera handled them.

Normally I adjust contrast, vibrance, clarity, curves, apply gradients, etc. to my finished pictures.  None of that was done to these so you can see what to expect if you get the SL1 (and shoot in raw and use LR); but, I have played with other images to determine that the files are very workable for adjusting.

I still have lots to learn and try with the camera.  One change that I will probably make is to shoot in shutter mode.  The reason for this is that this Canon does not allow you to set a minimum shutter speed under ISO limits and it sometimes drops too low in low light.  It seems that the “normal” bottom speed is 1/30 sec and I find that to be usually acceptable; but slower than my preference for quickly shooting hand-held without image stabilization.  This camera and lens combination has no stabilization.