Through the Windshield in the Dark

I took these pictures with a Canon SL1 and the 24 mm pancake lens.  I used one of the pictures in my last post, but in this series I have adjusted them.  This is the best I could do considering that I hand-held the camera and took the pictures through the wind shield, and don’t remember when it was last cleaned.  They were also taken at 1/30 sec. which I normally consider low.

These types of images are important to me since I like pictures taken in the dark.  In addition I need to be able to take them from the car and shoot with one hand even though I shoot when stopped.  In the future I hope to shoot more from the car on the street, but through an open window.  It looks like it will be easy to hang the camera from a neck strap while I am driving.  I will also be using the Ricoh GR but I lay it in the cup holder when I’m not shooting it.  I think my focal length coverage will be adequate between the two cameras and three different focal length lenses when traveling by, and shooting from, an automobile.

I also converted the last one to monochrome to see how it worked.