You Can Get the Idea


This image gives you an idea of the conditions here as the Mallards stand on the ice, but the quality of the image isn’t the greatest.  I used my Olympus 40 – 150 mm lens on my Olympus E-PL5 held on a monopod while zoomed all the way out to 150 mm (effective 300 mm) from my back porch.  In addition to using that very inexpensive lens zoomed all the way out to take this picture; I also cropped it quite a bit and then resized it up.

I do wish I had a better, longer lens; but that would be going back on my decision to try to become a bottom feeder in photography; i.e. see what I can accomplish with the entry-level cameras and lenses.  There has been so much hype on the web about all the latest and greatest and most expensive photography gear that I am rebelling.  I am tired of being told that I need the latest “bells and whistles”.  I am of the opinion that most folks don’t need the latest and greatest and most expensive gear considering how we display our images.  That is why you are seeing this picture as well as the ones in my previous posts taken with the entry-level Canon DSRL.

I am not yet ready to claim that these are all that I am going to use.  I may still go back to a top line, latest and greatest mirror-less camera, but I doubt it based on what I am learning now.  So far I have tentatively decided to sell my heavy Pentax K-3 and all the lenses and rely upon micro 4/3 for my long focal length images, like above.   I may get a longer lens than the 40 – 150 mm lens, but maybe not.  I am also considering just shooting with my effective prime focal lengths of 28, 38, or 64 mm.   I may decide to not photograph the long stuff (effective 300 mm like above), or with zoom lenses.

PS, you can get an idea the difference an effective 300 mm lens makes when cropped by comparing the above with the following picture made from the same location but with the effective 38 mm lens on the Canon SL1.  If you look carefully in the center of the picture below you might recognize the ice pattern of the above picture.

150118-133639_Plum Creek