Sharpness of the 24 mm Lens on the SL1

After my scare with the 40 mm lens, I was anxious to get some more pictures to check the SL1 with the 24 mm lens.  I had to drive across town so I took the camera and took some pictures through the open side window while stopped for lights, etc.  Yes, it was cold with the window open.  I wasn’t too particular about what I photographed so I tried to get some images that would enable me to get an idea of how sharp the lens was across the image.  I am using the term “sharpness” as a generic term to cover resolution, focus, and sharpness.  I’ll let you make up your own mind, but I am satisfied so far for a relatively inexpensive camera and lens.  Click on a picture, view in gallery mode, and then pick full size image to see better.  The aperture was either f/8 or f/11 for these pictures.

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