Program Mode & Crop-Zooming


One of my concerns with the Canon SL1 when using it with the 24 mm lens is “motion”.  The camera does not let me set a minimum shutter speed when shooting in program mode with auto ISO.  This means that if I make no other changes, I am relying upon the camera program mode to choose a shutter speed that is not too low.  My concern is whether I will hold it steady enough in my style of shoot and go photography.  When I don’t know what might “pop up” when walking about, I usually leave the camera in program mode.

I had my camera with me while in a doctor’s office when I took the picture above.  What you are seeing is a 100% crop out of the center of the picture.  Another of my concerns is whether I can use the 24 mm lens and then crop the image rather severely to get a picture when I really needed a longer lens.  In the above picture, the camera was in program mode and chose an ISO of 800 at f/2.8, and 1/30 sec shutter speed … and don’t forget, this is a 100% crop from the original.

In addition, this is a raw file with no adjustments made.  It is straight out of LR5.7.  I have found the white balance (WB) of this camera to be right-on.  The colors are as I remember them looking.

So far I am pleased with the image quality from this entry-level DSLR with the 24 mm f/2.8 prime lens.  I haven’t tried the kit zoom lens that most folks get with the camera and I haven’t looked at jpeg images so experiences with them might be different.  Since I don’t plan on photographing in that manner with this camera, I won’t be checking them out.