Chance Encounters


My favorite camera hasn’t always been my latest acquisition.  I have found that one way of determining what my favorite camera was, is to notice which cameras I keep going back to.  Which one gets picked up, put aside while I’m trying a new one, and then gets picked up again.  Thinking about them are my happy memories … well at least for the purposes of this post.

It turns out that my favorite cameras have been the light-weight, small, pocket-able cameras.  My type of photography usually relied upon seeing the chance image and then taking the picture quickly before I moved on.  I found that this was often done with a pocket camera like the one I used to grab the above image … the Lumix LF1.  It is a small camera with the best image quality that I have ever gotten from such a small sensor.  I highly recommend it if you want to shoot in raw and then process your own images on your computer.  I have never looked at its’ jpeg images.

My problems with the very small cameras are their limited image quality in low light and their small control buttons, or lack of controls.  I keep hoping that someday I will find a better compromise, but someone has to design and make one.  It would need to be larger than the LF1 and have more dial controls and a larger sensor, but then it wouldn’t be small.

My main problem now is that I haven’t been going to new places or seeing new things to photograph.  This situation has negated the need for me to have a small camera in my pocket.  I need to be more proactive and take a better camera out with specific ideas in mind.  I need to move past relying upon chance encounters.