Better with Canon

150211-092547_Plum Creek

I am feeling better this morning.  Yesterday was a bad back day with enough pain and discomfort to turn me into a grump.  Since I was feeling better this morning and since the sun was shining, even though the temperature was in the 20s, I walked down to the buildings to take care of a chore; and took my Canon SL1 with the prime 24 mm lens with me and took the above picture.

So far, I am finding that it is a lot better to carry and use the SL1 camera.  As you can see above, the image quality is good enough; but, the most important quality of the camera is its weight and size.  The way I am using it with just one effective 35 mm prime pancake lens, it has become my half-the-price of a Fuji X100T camera … with slightly less image quality, lower build quality, less physical controls, and the same weight.  I am still learning how to best use it; but so far I haven’t found anything that I wanted to do with it but couldn’t.  The above was taken in program mode at ISO 100, f/9, 1/320 sec and auto WB.

I have given some thought to acquiring more lenses for it, but haven’t since I think that would be a move counter to why I got it.  I wanted a light-weight effective 35 mm camera for use in the car and while walking about the streets of Hanover.  Rather than start adding more weight with heavier lenses, I am planning to use it as configured and see how much I can do with it on the streets when it warms up and all the snow is gone.  Later I might acquire another longer focal length lens for using the camera on walks like I did this morning.   I have been thinking about a 60 mm macro lens, or maybe trying another copy of the 40 mm pancake lens.

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  1. Dee

    I like the way you used the trees to frame the picture, also the blue sky and the cows in the background. Glad you are feeling better.