I am still waiting for warmer weather.  I grabbed this hand-held picture last evening.  You can see the moon with Venus to its left, and then Mars above Venus, a little to your right.  It looked a lot more interesting earlier when you could see the shadows on the moon from the light spilling around the earth; but by the time I got home and switched cameras and lens and went back outside it was mostly gone.


The following picture was taken this morning before the sun crossed the horizon, and before the snow arrived.


Addendum … the snow arrived around 10 am.


As an aside, I am still trying to decide what to do relative to cameras and lenses.  I want to reduce the number I have.  I used three different cameras for this post … the K-3 with 300 mm focal length, the GR with its 18.3 mm focal length, and the Canon SL1 with its 24 mm focal length.