Sigma 17 -70 mm Lens on the Canon SL1

The purpose of this post is to show you the quality, sharpness, etc. of the Sigma 17 – 70 mm lens zoomed all the way out to 70 mm.  I took the following picture handheld at f/9, 1/640 sec.

150225-140347_Plum Creek

The following image is a crop showing the bird in the tree.  Note the sharpness of the bird and the tree limbs, and no chromatic aberration either.

150225-140347_Plum Creek-2

Note that these images have not been altered by me in any way other than for the crop.  The picture was taken in raw format and what you see is the image as processed by Adobe Lightroom 5.7 with their standard settings.

I am still in the process of deciding whether I will use this combination of camera and lens as my walk-about setup for outdoors or whether I need a longer focal length lens.  Based on what I have seen so far I am leaning toward “making-do” with just this setup for my DSLR camera and lens preference.