Hanover Pictures

I hope to go back to the streets of Hanover, PA to get some pictures when it warms up.  I took lots of pictures on the streets a couple of years ago but I hope to do something different this time.  I just haven’t decided what.

I also haven’t decided on which camera(s) will work best since it is dependent on what and how I photograph … or maybe I will go the opposite route and get a camera I like and shoot what I can with it.  One thing I would like to do is get some more night pictures and that will take a camera that does fairly well at higher ISO settings so I can keep my shutter fast enough to hand-hold the camera.  I also plan to get some more store window and door shots.  Other than that, I haven’t decided.  Some people are encouraging me to photograph the nicer restored buildings, etc.; i.e. the pretty shots.

I took the above two pictures the other day while I took a quick walk to try a few things … mainly how long a focal length I might need.  I used my Olympus E-PL5 and the 14 – 42 mm kit lens for these pictures.  My only decision camera-lens wise so far is that it needs to be small and light-weight and discreet.

At the moment I am also thinking about spreading out to the outer residential and industrial areas and getting street scenes.  The final decision will most likely be to photograph whatever I see in the manner I desire under the circumstances; but, I haven’t decided with what camera and lens.