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150329-072019_Plum Creek

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Close, or far, or both?  I have looked for a new camera that would satisfy all of my needs and have been trying to decide what I prefer to photograph.  My problem is that I can’t separate the type of camera that I prefer from the types of images I’m likely to be making.

When it comes to cameras I prefer a mirrorless rangefinder style that is small, lightweight, and discreet to use around people.  When it comes to what I photograph, I find that I often need the versatility of a DSLR and longer focal length lenses.  If I want to use just one camera, which should it be?  Do I need multiple cameras?  Should I concentrate on a limited type, or range, of photography?

I have sold my Pentax K-3 and all of my Pentax lenses since I was finding that I really wasn’t, often couldn’t easily use it.  I have tried to utilize my micro 4/3 gear for most of my photography lately, but while it works for most, it sometimes fails me.  This has led me to try a DSLR one more time.   I started with the lens.  I liked, and found that my Pentax 18 – 135 mm lens was a very versatile focal length that covered most of my good light photography; but the lens had not-so-good image qualities.  I then reviewed the Fuji 18 – 135 mm lens, but while a lot better than the Pentax, it still had some issues.  What surprised me was that I found the Canon 18 – 135 mm lens looked better in the reviews, so I decided to try it.  I ordered a Canon 70D and the 18 – 135 mm lens.

I could have tried just the lens on my Canon SL1 but while it is OK, it just doesn’t have some of the features and controls that I prefer for a one-and-only camera.  Since the Canon 70D had what I wanted in way of features and was on sale, I have ordered one to try.

One thing driving me back to a DSLR, is to be able to photograph images similar to the above ones.  The above are images made through my window with the Canon SL1 for illustrative purposes.  I like to be able to make images that contain subjects both near and far, in low or/and contrasty light, and be able to select what I want to be in focus.  In the one, the sun had come up and was shining straight at me behind the curtain.  The horizontal bands are the venation blinds that I was shooting through while focusing on the distant tree limbs (approximately 80-100 yards away) using the single center auto focus point and the 55 – 250 mm Canon lens.  The second was also taken through the window during one of our snows using the same lens.

In addition, I find that I am often a “run and gun” photographer.  I like to leave one lens on my camera and have it at the ready and pick it up and quickly take a picture like above using the program mode.  These are all features that a DSLR camera does best.

If I can’t find a camera that works for me in the modes I like, I might restrict what I photograph to fit a different style of camera.  I plan to try the Canon 70D with the 18 – 135 mm and other lenses I have.  I will let you know how I do with it during my trial period.  If it works for everything, I hope to be able to do all of my photography with just it and my Ricoh GR.