Hand-Held Live-View with Canon 70D


I have been trying out the Canon 70D with various relative inexpensive lenses.  One of the main reasons that I chose this Canon camera is the enhanced focusing capability in live-view mode.  That feature along with the nice articulated LCD could come in handy with some of my projects as long as the camera isn’t too heavy and large to use quickly hand-held in awkward positions.

The other evening I noticed the moon and decided to test the Canon 70D in this mode using the 55 – 250 mm lens.  I took the above picture hand-held using the live-view mode and articulated LCD.  I used the live-view mode so that I could dial-in different exposure adjustments and see the effect before releasing the shutter.

You can decide how well it worked relative to your own needs.  I took it at the end of the zoom range at 250 mm and then cropped it to get the above image.  It was taken at ISO 200, f/6.3, and 1/320 sec. … and the focusing was very quick.  This method worked so well that now I’m thinking that I would like to use it with a better, longer lens, and a tripod.