Spring Rains brings Buds

150408-085228_Plum Creek

I am still in the mode of learning the limits of my Canon 70D.  In one of my trials this morning I was checking its ability to focus.  I had started with the 18 – 135 mm lens racked out to 135 mm.  While it worked and I had no problem focusing, I wasn’t pleased with the sharpness.  It wasn’t bad, but not great, so I changed lenses,  put the 24 mm lens on the camera, and just moved closer.

The above image was taken with the 24 mm pancake lens.  This is an uncropped image in which I used the center point autofocus to focus on the rain drop.  I found that the focus and sharpness was better, but you will need to look at the full size image to see the details of the rain drop.  I am also very much interested in the depth of field and quality of the out of focus areas when using this pancake lens.

I hope to take this camera-lens combination to the streets of Hanover when the weather is more favorable.  For this recent trial I was running in and out between showers.  I have the minimum shutter speed set at 1/125 sec. for walking about since this lens has no image stabilization.  The settings for the above were ISO 100, F5.6, and 1/125 sec.  I love it so far.  My next trial with this camera-lens combination will be for a project that I am currently photographing in the wood shop.