Birds with Canon 55 – 250 mm Lens

Don’t forget to click on an image and view them in gallery mode, and to review them full size.

I have not used my relatively inexpensive Canon 55 – 250 mm lens for a while so I put it on the Canon 70D and went out to try photographing birds.  As those of you know, this is an awful short focal length to use to take bird pictures.  To compensate for the short focal length I ended up cropping the 20 MP images down to around 3 MP to get them as shown above.

While I managed to make these pictures with it, I did find another problem with it other than the focal length.  It doesn’t focus fast enough if the birds don’t sit still.

Given the value of this lens for the cost, I will continue to use it as I look for another compromise.  I have considered either the Tamron or the Sigma 150 – 600 mm lenses but they represent a large increase in size, weight, and cost for the additional focal length gained.  I will weigh those factors against not photographing distant birds, etc. and maybe look for another compromise around 400 mm.