Leica X2 and the Hubcaps

In another of my rounds of exercising the camera, I took it to the Eichelberger Performing Arts Center when the Hubcaps were playing.   I think they have performed for 41 years so they are getting a little old.  The X2 is not necessarily the best camera for taking such pictures since it has an effective fixed focal length of 36 mm, but I was close enough to take the following with only a little cropping.

The camera is ideal in “social” settings since it is small and discreet when being carried with a neck strap under a sport coat; but not so discreet when being used to take pictures.  I didn’t have a viewfinder so I had to use the LCD to compose my images.  Even though I tried to hold it down low, it was still a distraction to those sitting on either side of me, and I suppose some in the row behind me.  I never recommend holding up a camera, tablet, or smartphone to take pictures since it is annoying to those behind and around you, and is the primary reason for more and more venues ruling out their use; i.e. no pictures allowed.  If I were planning to use this camera like this in the future, I would need to obtain a viewfinder and turn the monitor off.

Another thing I recommend if you are using your camera in a similar lighting situation is to use a spot focus point as well as the spot exposure setting on the camera.  Those settings minimized the degree of any exposure adjustments needed in LR and kept the ISO levels lower.  These are not solutions for all uneven lighting and changing spotlights but they help.