My Current Camera Favorites


I have sold all of my micro 4/3 gear as well as the Canon SL1.  Why keep only the above two cameras?  The short answer, it’s all I need:  one for projects and long focal lengths, and one for minimalism and the joy of carrying and using it.

I bought the Leica X2 for its size, simplicity, and effective 36 mm lens.  I have drifted toward using just the Canon 70D and the Leica X2 because of their differences in size, weight, versatility, discreetness and simplicity, as well as image quality.

The Canon with the 24 mm lens weights 905 g, focuses and shoots fast but with significant shutter/mirror noise and greater bulk, thus it is less discreet for photography around people.  Its strengths are for landscape, wildlife, and my project photography for Homewood residents when a diversity of longer focal lengths and the articulated LCD are required.   The Leica weighs only 350 g and is a quality, well designed, discreet, minimalist tool.

The Canon’s versatility also comes with a multitude of menu settings and variables which are often begging for change; but I like simplicity with a minimal number of variables to be dealt with.  I get simplicity with the Leica X2.  I also get a very quiet camera for use up close to people without disturbing them.  If I want to not disturb people when using the Canon I need to use a heavy long focal length zoom lens and stand way back.

You can see the differences in size and bulk in the above picture.   In addition, the Leica has far, far fewer menu options, and great external dial controls on top.  The X2 is a photographer’s camera that is easy on the hands.  I am also positioning myself to photograph only with a small fixed lens camera if I desire or if it becomes necessary to give up the heavy Canon and lenses.  I still have the Ricoh GR but I might eventually sell it along with the Canon 24 mm lens if I find that I’m not using them much.