f/2.8 and Click

I have never owned a lens before that was as good at aperture f/2.8 as the one in the Leica X2.  That is the only thing common in all three of the above pictures.  I have had fun seeing what I can achieve with the camera, mostly photographing at an aperture of f/2.8 in bright and not so bright light, and with near and far focus.  So far it hasn’t failed me in any pictures that I attempted with the lens wide open since it seems to be equally sharp from corner to corner with no optical problems.  My biggest concern was the depth of field with the larger landscape pictures, but so far it seems to do quite well with this 24 mm (effective 36 mm) lens.  Not only is the camera nice and small and easy to use, it also has the best optics of any lens I have ever owned.

For those who are wondering why I would want to take pictures so often at f/2.8 with an effective 36 mm focal length lens, it is for four reasons.  First, it provides me with nice bloke, or blurring of the background, when I wish to focus on something close.  Doing that places the primary emphasis on the close details of what I am shooting when the background isn’t interesting.  The second reason is that it keeps the ISO and noise levels lower when I am shooting in low light.  The third reason is that it also helps keep the shutter speed faster to minimize both camera and subject motion.  The fourth reason is for simplicity in photography.  I don’t need to think about what aperture will work best and then vary it accordingly.  It reduces the number of variables so that I can concentrate on the composition, exposure, and focus point.