Dark Heritage


I have searched for new or different things to photograph and found some things that concerned me, so I am going to start another category called “Dark Heritage” since our children and grandchildren will be inheriting both the good and the bad that we have created.

I will use this category to show the old, the rundown, the world left behind, decay, gloom & doom, chaos, the environment of old, trash, dead & dying, etc.; i.e., things created or formed or influenced by the past which will create problems in the future.  Some might call it the historical breakdown.

I believe that our future will be haunted by our past, and it isn’t always pretty.  Looking forward into the future, it is hard to be positive due to all of our past transgressions no matter whether they are economic, environmental, or societal constructs.  I believe that in many ways that we need to undo or redo our world constructs.

Many consider the camera as recording a current point in time and that is how they use it.  This new category will be used to record the past as seen today.  When I am being descriptive and I might sometimes, this category will be more meditative and dwell upon the current and future as formed by the past; or maybe they could be called the urgent realities.

Another use for this category is to address the failures of our society to harness the terrible commercial energies that have, or are destroying life as we know it.

I will focus on the small towns, suburbia, and the border areas since they are changing and evolving rapidly.  I have no interest in the big cities.  Big cities don’t look much different today than they did 30 years ago and won’t look much different in another 30 years.

Style-wise, I will sometimes make my images moody and dark in keeping with the dire consequences of things created or formed in the past without adequate consideration of the future associated costs; but, I will also use monochrome, color, etc. depending what works best with individual images.  I would like to have a particular style for all of the images in this category but they might be too diverse for that.

To a large degree, the pictures in this category will be more like my personal view of the world.  As Claire Yaffa says “The happiness and sadness resides in us. It is our choice to discover how to convey the feelings of who we are and what we want to say.”

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