Trip to WV …. PA & MD Portion

I recently made a quick one day trip, in and back, to WV.  The following picture was made after leaving Hanover along the way to Littlestown, PA.  I got an early start close to sunrise and had to stop briefly to get this image looking back to the east.

150505-060750_Trip to WV

The following picture was made as I drove through Gettysburg.

150505-063044_Trip to WV

My first stop in MD was at the Sideling Hill rest stop where I made the following two images.  It had drizzled on and off around Gettysburg but was clearing off nicely by the time I got into western Maryland and took these pictures looking east.

150505-081242_Trip to WV

150505-081257_Trip to WV

My next stop was in a parking lot just before entering WV to get a view looking across the Potomac River at the town of Keyser.

150505-091320_Trip to WV

The river isn’t visible but you are looking over it into WV.

150505-091250_Trip to WV

I’ll show the WV part of the trip in another posting or two later.