Trip to WV … Keyser to Davis Portion

On this portion of my trip I stayed on the old road as much as I could and photographed the new road construction.  This trip might have been my last opportunity to do this since they are in the process of wiping out the old road and moving traffic onto portions of the new Rt. 48.

The next picture is along the way down the valley toward Scherr.  Since this creek often floods, one advantage of taking the new road will be avoiding the low areas.

150505-094659_Trip to WV

Below, I am passing under the first sections of Rt. 48 that I see.

150505-100950_Trip to WV

150505-101039_Trip to WV

I was going up the mountain on Rt. 93 after leaving Scherr when I stopped and took the following picture.

150505-101821_Trip to WV

The following are pictures at the top when I was passing through the line of wind turbines and approaching Mount Storm Lake and still on the old Rt. 93.

150505-102314_Trip to WV

150505-102325_Trip to WV

150505-103016_Trip to WV

After going past the Lake and power station they had started closing sections of the old Rt. 93 and moving traffic onto sections of the new Rt. 48 which is to be a “scenic highway”; but, along this section the scenes are going to be of mines and hills created with mine spoils.   In addition, the drivers will still have to deal with the heavy trucks going to and from the mines.

150505-104202_Trip to WV

150505-104248_Trip to WV

150505-104347_Trip to WV

When I got to Davis I went into the store to pick up a few things and took the following picture of some hunters along with a few images along the main street of Davis.

150505-105601_Trip to WV

150505-110256_Trip to WV

150505-110308_Trip to WV

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I had fun using just the Leica X2 on this trip.  I left it hanging from a short (36 inch) cloth strap around my neck while driving and had no problems jumping in and out of the car to take pictures.  The camera is so light and small that I forgot it was there.  I don’t think there is a better travel camera providing you like a 35 or 36 mm focal length for all of your travel pictures.  Over my years of international travel I found that to be my most used focal length.