Trip to WV … Blackwater Falls State Park

I drove to Blackwater Falls to meet my brother for lunch and bring him to Hanover.  Click on one of the following pictures to see a few pictures that I took as I walked around before he arrived.

It rained while my brother and I ate lunch.  That is typical weather for Blackwater Falls and is the reason for the type of foliage that they have.  After it stopped raining I hurried out back of the lodge to get pictures of the clouds in the valley below.

150505-121839_Trip to WV

150505-130526_Trip to WV

The last two pictures were taken on the drive back to Hanover.  The last one is of the road cut at Sideling Hill.  It is the largest road cut in Maryland.

150505-134951_Trip to WV

150505-153650_Trip to WV

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