Halls of Calvert County MD

My brother and I went down to Calvert County in Maryland to see the area where the Halls lived from late 1600s to early 1800s before migrating to West Virginia.  The Halls were my mother’s side of the family.

We went to the area of Hall Creek where they lived; but didn’t have access to the actual creek unless we walked through the Natural Resource Management Area (NRMA) and we didn’t have time nor were we dressed appropriately for bushwhacking.  The following are a few pictures of the area.  Hall Creek empties into the eastern shore side of the Patuxent River which is the river in the pictures.

The picture of the Harbor Master’s House at the end is in Lower Marlboro and is the area where the Halls lived.  It is on the southern side of Hall Creek.

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  1. Dee

    Exploring ones history is often surprising. When my brother researched our genealogy, it turned out we are related to William Wallace, his aunt married a Crawford.