Subtle Changes

150505-093127_Trip to WV

I have become dissatisfied with the direction that my photography and blog have drifted; therefore, I am considering some changes.  I am still thinking about what I like.  For example I like the above image, but I’m not sure of why or what it means.

I am still trying to narrow in on my purpose for pursuing photography as a hobby.  As a former engineer I had a goal or purpose for what I did.  I was use to having a particular viewer in mind and an intent for every PowerPoint slide (picture in this case) I made.

So far, one change I have in mind for my blog is to be more selective in the pictures I show.  I have tried to produce images that people living around me might like; but, I am going to stop doing that since so few of them view my web site.  I am also going to stop trying so hard to post regularly and often.

You should note in the above that I have used the word “I” a lot.  I hope to bring both my pictures and my blog back to being a clearer representation of what I like and believe with less regard for others.  In addition, most of the changes will probably be in how I think and approach photography and any changes you see in my blog might be subtle and slow to arrive.

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